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The Musket Room

We love Broadway shows. I, especially, love Broadway shows. It’s always a great experience, and a truly feel as if I am in a fairytale dream. But whenever we go to Broadway shows, we face a problem, where to eat afterwords? They usually end up late, and most restaurants don’t take reservations after 11PM. So to be able to squeeze a quick bite after our cultural experience, we often eat nearby, trying to get the best out of those Broadway restaurants, which are usually not very good options.

But last Saturday we decided to rush out of the theater and head downtown for a real foodie meal. After all, we hadn’t had those in a little while. But we had no previous reservation, so tried Yelp and OpenTable during intermission to find a nice place. The Musket Room had a 10:45PM slot, but we surprisingly had never heard of the place before. We decided to try it anyway, and I am so glad we did!!

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DC Special: José Andrés’ Food Truck Pepe

So I have been spending my weeks in DC for work. I still go back to NYC every weekend, and still dine out at least twice a week over there. But I do try some nice options in Washington, DC, once in a while, and some of them are worth sharing.

One of the biggest chef’s here is called José Andrés. José Andrés is a Spanish American trained under Ferran Adrià at El Bulli. For those of you who don’t know it, El Bulli was once the best restaurant in the world. To get a sense of how big of a deal this guy is, he taught a culinary physics course with Ferran Adrià at Harvard, a course on how food shapes civilization at George Washington University, and was named dean of Spanish Studies at The International Culinary Center.

He owns a bunch of restaurants, and 6 of them are in DC: minibar (impossible to get reservations, and only has a super expensive tasting menu with 25 small courses), barmini (experimental cocktail bar adjacent to minibar), Jaleo (traditional Spanish tapas with several locations), Zaytinya (Mediterranean small plates), Oyamel (small Mexican plates), and… Pepe!

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Rouge Tomate Cart


New York has many incredible restaurants. You can eat all kinds of food from all over the world for all sorts of prices. But in certain neighborhoods, it’s harder to find a cheap and sort of healthy eat. The Upper East Side is one of those places. When strolling along Museum Mile or Madison Avenue, you probably have to eat at an expensive bistro or one of the museum’s coffee shops, which are usually nice, but not worth the price you pay. Continue reading

We Eat New York’s 7 months anniversary!

Hey you all dear blog readers! I hope you have been enjoying the posts, I certainly have been enjoying writing them! To honor those first seven months, I wanted to share a little bit of some of what we have eaten in New York! I hope you like it! We Eat New York 7 months

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