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Thanksgiving dinner was spent at Alain Ducasse’s Benoit. We wanted a true Thanksgiving dinner, with turkey, cranberries and all. We were also with family members, so we needed a more traditional place. Benoit was a good choice.

I expected a fancier restaurant, but it was even better to have a bistro style French restaurant. It was exactly the kind of environment you would expect in a Paris bistro. They even had a French waitress who was a little rude and just mumbled words in a mix of French and English that was just uncomprehensable. Soo French! The hostess greeted us, took our coats and directed us to our table of 6.

Cheese Tarts

Cheese Tarts


The tasting menu, with 3 courses, was $70. The French waitress, though a little too aggressively, explained our options. We had six choices of appetizers, four of entrées, and three deserts to choose from. Side dishes were also available upon request.

They brought us some yummy cheese pops, along with bread and butter, to start us of. They were really good! Warm and crispy, and very cheesy.


For starters we chose the lobster bisque and the foie gras pate. The foie gras came with some jam and warm French brioche. It wasn’t so good, though. It tasted very plain, like those pates you buy at the supermarket. The brioche was very good, but they could give us two instead of just one. It wasn’t enough to accompany the pate…

Foie Gras

Thanksgiving Turkey

The turkey was just like you would expect a Thanksgiving entree. Moist and tender, with gravy, cranberry sauce, mushrooms, small cooked potatles and onions, and stuffing. I would add some more salt, but I guess if you are cooking the same dish for hundreds of people it is better to go slow with it. The mushrooms and the stuffing were sort of mixed together, and it was hard to taste each one separately. The potatos were really good! I love it when they add these tiny ones, cooked perfectly, to the meat. Cranberry was plain, tasted industrialized. It was not a great dish. Tastier, but nothing memorable. But then again, it is a French restaurant, so I guess traditionally American meals are not among their biggest hits. It was enough for my turkey craving, though.

Pecan Tart

For desert, we had the pecan pie with vanilla ice cream. It is always a great surprise when the vanilla ice cream is actually made of vanilla, with those little dark spots that taste great. You can never go wrong with vanilla ice cream. Pecan pie is also a favorite. It had a LOT of honey, which made a little too sweet for our taste. But the vanilla ice cream evens that out a little bit. We had a bite of the chocolate desert as well. It was amazing!


We had coffee and tea, and almost got kicked out of the restaurant, which was closing and we kept on talking. I guess it is always like that with a big table… When we left, they gave each couple a small package with a marshmallow type of sweet for breakfast the next day. Always love those kinds of treats! In summary, not a very memorable meal, but tasty enough.

  • Environment: ***
  • Service: **
  • Food: ***
  • Presentation: ***
  • Rating: ***


60 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019

(646) 943-7373

Price : $$$

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